VanWyck LanDesign

Customer Testimonials


Charles & Peggy Brock

Mills River, NC

I had observed David working in our neighborhood as he completed various projects.  I loved the things he did and heard only good things about his business, so when I decided my small front yard needed a make-over, I contacted him.  Everything in our yard from the concrete paver sidewalk to raised beds for my flowers were do-it-yourself efforts by us and the former owner, so it was pretty sad except during the summer when all my flowers are blooming.   David first installed a beautiful cobble-stone sidewalk.  He then exchanged the timbers we had used to line the straight-line raised beds with beautiful stone which curves around the yard, leaving me with lots of room for my flower beds as well as a small amount of grass.  He moved my existing plants into more artistic and interesting arrangements, and planted a few new plants and added some boulders to provide year round enjoyment.  He also gave us recommendations for contractors he respects to complete other projects on our list.  I recommend him highly - he was very respectful of my point of view and willingly provided suggestions when I was uncertain.  My yard looks so much better than I could have ever imagined and best of all, looks like it has always been here.


Jerry & Carol Hagan

Mills River, NC

We were referred to David by a close friend.  He completely removed my cracked and broken concrete driveway and replaced it with beautiful paving stones.  We relied heavily on David's expertise and recommendations during this project and never regretted it.  He did a lot of things that other contractors don't do, such as installing a 12" base below the pavers to provide a good foundation, as well as cementing the outer edge of the pavers to prevent shifting.  His work ethic is absolutely the best, he arrived on time every day and completed the job without delay.  Afterward he returned and landscaped the area around the new drive.  David takes great pride in his work and he is a true artist when it comes to landscape and hardscape design.  We highly recommend David if you're looking to get the most bang for your buck and a superior job.


Marci & Dave Kuhlman

Brevard, NC

We had three companies visit our house to give advice and quotes before we found out about VanWyck Landesign.  Only one of the three companies gave us a drawing of what they proposed, and it was poor quality with no list of plants or materials.  The other two companies threw out ideas and prices, and promised great things that they said we would love, but did not provide drawings or details.  Dave Van Wyck provided a quality drawing, a plant list, a material list, and a price list.  He made a special trip to explain the plan and discuss the plant selection.

We enjoyed working with Dave and found him to be conscientious and dependable.  He showed up when he said he would and provided a quality job at a reasonable price.  As the job progressed the design of the stone wall was changed a little and some of the plants were changed.  Dave always checked with us before making any major change from the plan.  The finished project looks good, in fact, better than we envisioned.  We would recommend Dave VanWyck to anyone who is thinking about a landscaping project.


 Toby & Stanley Cohen

Connestee Falls, NC

We are so pleased with Davidís design for our home in Connestee Falls.  The hill in front of our home was too close to the house.  David came in moved back the hill and erected the most beautiful rock wall and steps leading up to the top of our house.  To me, it improved the look of our home dramatically. The flowers and bushes have thrived for over two years now and we just love the landscaping he designed.  We get so many compliments from our friends and guests.  David has great design skills combined with integrity and honesty.  Our friends have used his services as well with the same excellent results. He is a true professional.


Judith and Bill Kerns

 Columbus,  NC

When we bought our house, the landscaping was a total wreck, hadn't been tended to in years, and completely overrun. I honestly didn't even know where to begin.  The smartest thing we did was call David. He re-designed it, built rock walls, brick patios and walkways, incorporated some large rocks into the gardens, and best of all, made it low-maintenance for me. It was beautiful when he planted it, and it has stayed beautiful the four years since then.  David doesn't just plant gardens, he does it with an artistic eye and a practical hand.  His landscaping, rock, and brick work are just exquisite, I can't recommend him highly enough! 


Manfred and Ursula Schneider

 Hendersonville, NC

We were referred to LanDesign by the builder of our home that came without any landscaping. David submitted a computer designed plan which transformed our house to a picture with a nice frame. Within the last two and a half years David did seven projects around our house including stone walkways, a beautiful twin stream waterfall and an urn fountain whose sounds make our backyard a soothing place to enjoy,and very attractive outdoor lighting features clearly showing his creativity as a landscaper with special expertise on water features and stone work. David takes pride in his work and assumes full responsibility for anything that turns out to be less than perfect. David's pleasant personality and his responsiveness to customer needs makes him an exemplary landscaper.


Greg and Lou Hining

 Brevard, NC

Dave has designed several landscaping features for our home including a beautiful water garden.  He is very professional and creative!  Dave is very knowledgeable of the plants that grow well in our climate.  We have found him to be very dependable and highly recommend him to all!


Art and Janet Wicks

Horse Shoe, NC

Just wanted you to know we have received numerous compliments on our stone/brick front walk and on our driveway. Your plan for the driveway drainage has worked perfectly. The drain boxes and drain pipe clear the low area even in the heaviest rains. Thank you for a job well done. We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family.


Terry & Lisette Jones

Brevard, NC

We initially found Dave through our contractor just to do our pea gravel driveway. As the progress of our construction came to a point of needing a landscaper, We had several landscaping companies come in and give their ideas and plans. After getting a bit overwhelmed, Dave said he was a landscaper too, and would look at what we wanted and give an estimate. I really don't know why I didn't read his card better as it would have saved everyone a lot of time. From the very beginning to the very end of the project, he worked with diligence and was totally reliable. His work is more like art. It is absolutely beautiful from the finish grading & drainage work, driveway, stone patio, stonework, and the beautiful trees, shrubs, and perennials that grace our home. He has done an incredible job and he did it all by himself in a shorter time than was estimated by the other landscapers that had full crews.  The one word that comes to mind when I think of Dave VanWyck is integrity. something that is quite hard to find especially in the business world these days. We certainly would highly recommend his work and look forward to future projects with him. It was very easy and enjoyable.